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allisonI am honored to Chair Westminster Presbyterian Day School’s 40th Anniversary Gala. This year’s live auction, dinner, and evening of dancing not only mark an important milestone anniversary for the school; as friends of Westminster it is an opportunity for us to celebrate the deeply rooted and long standing gifts that WPDS has given to us as a larger community, as individual families, and to each of our children.

My husband and I recall that as prospective parents we were struck by the palpability of the the school’s teaching philosophy. As we walked the campus, interacted with the staff, and observed how the children are taught, there was not a moment that was not rich with purpose, intent, accountability and support between all involved. Now, as WPDS parents, the qualities we observed that day are woven within our daily lives. We have watched not only our daughter, but her WPDS classmates and friends, blossom from toddlers into (dare I say) well behaved children possessing a readiness to learn and a genuine consciousness for others. We have grown, too. As individuals and as parents, the lessons learned from immersing ourselves into the structured chaos of the classroom and playgrounds as Helping Parents resonate within our households. As adopted behaviors, these practices continue to ripple into each of our individual communities as we continue to give and grow based on the foundation WPDS has given to all of us, not just to our children.

The lessons and gifts given by the staff of WPDS are deeply rooted. Their vision is solely focused outwards: on the future of our children, on supporting our needs as families, and on the larger community. WPDS is a selfless entity that needs our support to continue to grow. Join me not only in celebrating this year’s wonderful milestone, but in making a greater sacrifice than in years past to support a school whose gifts will continue to nurture our families for years to come, long after our children have grown. By giving more on this milestone celebration, we give the Westminster Presbyterian Day School family the foundation it needs to move forward and continue to look outward towards the future. Please consider a gift that is as purposeful, intentional, accountable and supportive as that which has been given to all of us and our children.

Thank you for your time, your generosity, and for joining us in celebration on March 3, 2017!

Sincerely, Allison G. Kerrigan


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